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eBooks at NEIU Guide

This guide will help you search for and access eBooks in our collection.

What are eBooks and how do I find them?

eBooks are electronic books that you can access instantly via the Internet. In some cases you may be able to use built-in features such as highlighting, note taking, and audio that add to the online book reading experience.


How do I access eBooks?

1) Search for an item title or topic in our search tool, WorldCat Discovery.

Keyword search for gender and media

2) After your search, click "eBooks" on the left to limit the results to eBooks.

Limit to ebooks

3) Click the blue "View eBook" button on the link under "Access Online"

Click View eBook to read the full text

Do I have to check out an eBook to use it?

It depends. You may be able to view the book online, or you may be able to download the book onto your computer or device. Some eBooks may ask you to check the book out for 1 or 7 days, but you can always check it out again once the loan expires.

Can I print eBooks?

It depends. For many eBooks you may be able to print a chapter. Some vendors will allow you to print the entire book.

Can I read eBooks on my phone or tablet device?

It depends. You will be able to view eBooks on most devices, but you may have to go through some extra steps to download them on your device.

Can I access eBooks from home?

Yes! You can access eBooks anywhere that you have access to the Internet. When you click to view the eBook, you will be prompted to enter your NetID and password.

Can I access another library's eBooks?

Not usually. If you are searching I-Share or Libraries Worldwide you will not be able to view eBooks from other libraries due to licensing restrictions. However, you may be able to access some eBooks through a program called CARLI DDA. To see all of the eBooks you can access, please search WorldCat Discovery.

Can I download an eBook in the Library?

You can view eBooks in the Library, but to download them via Adobe Digital Editions you will need to use your own computer or device.

Do you have my electronic textbook?

We generally do not have textbooks in ebook format, but you may search for your textbook by searching the title of the book in quotations in our WorldCat Discovery search. For example: "Math Textbook Title"

Do you have any eBooks I can read on my tablet or eReader for recreation?

We may have some books you can read "for fun". Generally, these will be works of literature or nonfiction books written for a popular audience. Search WorldCat Discovery for keywords or a title, and then limit your search to eBooks by selecting the "eBooks" box on the left. However, most of our eBooks are for an academic audience. 

Can I use one account for all eBooks?

You may be asked to login with your NetID and password to view eBooks, but if you'd like to create an account with a specific eBook vendor you'll have to create separate accounts for each one. Creating accounts can allow you to use special tools, though they are often not necessary in order to view or download the eBook.