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What's Happening at the NEIU Libraries?

Giving Tuesday

by Steven Harris on 2021-11-23T12:14:30-06:00 | Comments

Greetings, library advocates. Thank you for your generous support in the past. We are counting down the days to Giving Tuesday, a national day of charitable giving on November 30. We have our own webform. Your donations there come immediately to the NEIU Libraries fund. There are no supply chain delays! 


The NEIU Libraries have some special projects planned to stimulate student success. You can help make these happen for NEIU students through your financial contribution.
Student Research
Each year, in conjunction with the NEIU Student Research and Creative Activities Symposium, NEIU Libraries give the Library Award for Excellence in Research, a cash award to the best student research submissions, like Biology graduate student Cassandra Ceballos’ project, “Use of Algae in a Novel Wastewater Treatment System.” Donations to the Library entirely fund these student cash awards. 

Student Families
In the Ronald Williams Library we recently repurposed two offices to serve as small group study rooms. These rooms are also available to students with their own small children in tow, to provide quiet and safe spaces for study while also tending the young ones. We are also creating “kid kits,” with toys, children’s books, and coloring books that parents can check out from the Library to use while studying with young children, to help keep the kids entertained. Donations will help us create more kits and furnish the study rooms in ways that will help young parents to be students as well. We know that being a college student AND a parent is tough. We are trying to make it easier.

Media Literacy
The Ronald Williams Library has a small collection of media equipment and technology, including video cameras and tripods (supplied by the Goodwin College of Education), Raspberry Pi microcomputer kits, and audio headphones. We would like to grow this collection with a few action cameras (GoPro for example), some DSLR or mirrorless digital cameras, audio recording kits, and general media peripherals to help students make better media products with their smartphones. These tools would be available for all students to borrow, regardless of their major or department affiliation. We live in a media-rich world. If students have access to better media tools, they will be able to learn more effectively, grow their workplace skills, and have expanded options for their own personal creativity. Your financial support can help us grow this service. 

Dean’s Challenge
If we get 10 Giving Tuesday donations this year in ANY AMOUNT, I pledge to donate $500 myself. Make me PAY!  Many of you have been so generous in the past. We are hoping we can count on you this year to make our Giving Tuesday campaign a success. Thanks for your support.


Wishlist (your support can help us acquire these items)
4 Wall-mounted dry-erase whiteboards: $700
2 GoPro HERO10 action cameras plus peripheral kits: $1,200
2 Panasonic LUMIX G85 mirrorless cameras: $2,200
2 Panasonic alternate lenses: $1,000
2 Zoom PodTrak P4 portable audio recorders with headphones and microphones: $1,000
2 Neewer LED lighting kits: $500
2 Smartphone media kits with tripod, microphone, LED lighting, and peripherals: $400
4 HP scientific and financial calculators: $300


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