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Amundsen High School Staff Resources

Freely accessible links to resources intended primarily for the use of AHS faculty and staff

NEIU Libraries

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NEIU Libraries

Welcome, Amundsen High School faculty and staff!

Welcome to you, the faculty and staff of Amundsen High School! This guide is designed for you, and focuses on freely available resources online that will help you in your work. From curricular resources to primary source collections to searchable databases and more, the goal is to provide you with a "one stop shop" for finding useful and relevant material online. If you know of a resource we don't have here (but should!), just contact us by email or phone (contact info is below the picture on the right side of this page) and we'll add it to the guide!

Library catalogs to explore

Search NEIU Libraries' catalog - Items can not be checked out, but can be used in the NEIU Libraries.

Use this form to search the NEIU Library Catalog

Worldcat is a single interface that lets you search across the collections of the vast majority of libraries, both public and academic, all over the nation (and much of the Western world). If you have a book or other item you're interested in, but don't know what local library would have a copy, Worldcat is a quick way to find out if it's at a particular public or university library near you.

The Chicago Public Library can be a great resource for books and materials - even if you're not a resident of Chicago, you likely live in a community with a library that has a "reciprocal agreement" with CPL allowing you to get a CPL card. Check the information on this page for more about this.