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Nontraditional Degree Programs Research Guide

This guide includes library resources that will be helpful to you as a student at NEIU.

How do I cite this?

Using citation tools in library databases

When searching in library databases, each item record will have the option to "Cite." See the screenshots below to see how this works in an EBSCO-branded database. When you're in non-EBSCO-branded databases, simply look for the "Cite" option on the right side of the page. Many databases work similarly in this way.

Remember that these citations are not perfect - they're machine-generated and often have incorrect capitalization or punctuation. Use these citations as a starting point, and double-check them against a resource like Purdue OWL.

Image of article record with "cite" button on the right side of the page.


Image of different citation styles

What is academic honesty?

In this video, you will learn why citing correctly is important for your research, and how to quickly analyze whether your own work falls in line with university guidelines about academic honesty.

Length: 1:34

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