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Faculty Publications and Creative Works Recognition for works in 2023

The research and creative works of NEIU faculty are the intellectual capital of the University. Through the expansion of human knowledge and culture, NEIU contributes to the betterment of human society. It is also through these works that students at NEIU learn, grow, and become members of the scholarly community themselves. Therefore, the Libraries and Academic Affairs annually host this event to recognize the important contributions of our faculty.

The 2024 reception will take place on March 28. The online recognition will launch on March 29, 2024.

The deadline to submit materials for publications and creative works produced during the 2023 calendar year is Friday, February 23, 2024. Please make your submissions as soon as possible!

Eligibility: Authors/creators must have been an active or retired NEIU faculty member or University administrator with faculty status when the work was published or released.

Submission: To submit a publication or work, please fill out this online form.

Below, please enjoy this 2024 presentation for the works from 2023, and follow the links in the slides to access the works. If you are one of the faculty recognized here, continued congratulations on your achievement. We invite other NEIU faculty, staff, and students to acknowledge your colleagues' fine work and share their success with your communities.

Note for optimal viewing:

For additional information and materials, click on the book graphics, text links, and Open Speaker Notes, under the settings menu.