NEIU Digital Commons Guide

A guide to submitting work to NEIU Digital Commons.

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NEIU Open Access Opt-Out Waiver Request

Northeastern Illinois University faculty may request a waiver to opt-out of the requirements of the NEIU Open Access Policy for any given article.  Waiver requests will automatically be granted.

Submit Your Work to NEIU Digital Commons

To include your works in NEIU Digital Commons, please follow the steps below.

  1.     Upload your work(s) via this link:
  2.     Through that same link, upload your signed author's copyright agreement for each work, if available.

Upon receiving your work(s), we will check for copyright restrictions. At this point, we may respond to let you know that the published version may not be included in the repository due to copyright restrictions. Depending on the agreement, you may be able to submit a peer-reviewed manuscript or a pre-print of the work. If you would rather not submit one of those versions, we can still include a bibliographic citation for the work.

When we have assured copyright compliance, we will prepare the article or citation for submission to NEIU Digital Commons and provide, for your approval, a preview of your submission before depositing the work in NEIU Digital Commons.

NEIU Digital Commons Services

The Ronald Williams Library provides the following collection of services to support NEIU Digital Commons:

  • Gathering and entering NEIU author works into NEIU Digital Commons
  • Checking publisher copyright agreements to determine author's rights retention
  • Helping identify non-reputable journals
  • Finding open access journals for a discipline
  • Consulting one-to-one on scholarly communications matters