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Faculty Guide to the Library

This library guide provides helpful information for NEIU Faculty.

Customized Library Instruction

Library instruction sessions support your course curriculum and prepare students for research-based assignments, in coordination with the Library's Information Literacy Plan. Face-to-face library instruction can range from individual research consultations with students to an in-class lecture and workshop. Subject librarians can teach:

  • General information about the library
  • Specific resources and finding tools provided by the library
  • Subject-specific instruction tailored for a research assignment
  • Finding and interpreting primary sources and data
  • Evaluation of sources
  • Citation styles and bibliographies
  • Preparing literature reviews for longer papers

To incorporate library instruction into your course, contact the Subject Librarian assigned to your discipline. The librarian will want to know how the instruction can prepare students to complete their assignments. The librarian may also request a certain number of points to be assigned to library instruction activities as part of participation grade or extra credit. 

Add a Librarian to your D2L Course Page

A librarian can post modules, engage in discussions, and even add assessable content such as quizzes.  Contact the library faculty member who is the subject librarian for your department to discuss possibilities.

Please login to Nmail using your NEIU NetID and password in order to complete the form.

Add a Library Tutorial to D2L

The NEIU Libraries' produced a suite of video and print tutorials aimed at teaching students information literacy concepts and skills to acquaint or assist them with library research.

You can access the tutorials via the Introduction to Research guide.

This video will show you how to add video tutorials into your D2L course page.

Image link to YouTube video