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Faculty Guide to the Library

This library guide provides helpful information for NEIU Faculty.

Steps to Linking to Library Materials

The Library subscribes to thousands of databases, journals, ebooks, and streaming media options that can be embedded into your D2L courses for assigned reading and viewing. This page will teach you the basics for creating links that work every time, on- or off-campus.

Need help?

Please don't hesitate to contact eResources & Systems Librarian Lisa Wallis ( for assistance with linking and embedding.

Use the Correct Link

  • Use the Databases & Online Collections page to find Library links by name, subject, type of database, or vendor.
  • When available, use a database's "Share" feature to locate a Permalink or Persistent Link for your search results or content.
    Screenshot of EBSCO Permalink

Include the EZProxy String

The NEIU Libraries use a tool called EZProxy to ensure NEIU students, faculty, and staff can access our online subscriptions anytime from anywhere. All that's required is an NEIU NetID and password.

Proxied links all begin with the string

For example, if you wanted to provide a link to the JSTOR database, instead of: (will only work if on campus)

use the link: (will work whether on or off campus)

The tool below will create links to NEIU Libraries' subscriptions that you can paste in email, a website, or D2L. Remember, you only need to do this for resources subscribed to by the NEIU Libraries. Don't use this for freely available resources like Facebook, YouTube, etc.

Paste a link into the text field below then click Generate link.

Copy and paste the result wherever you need.


Putting Links in D2L

The D2L "Insert QuickLink" function breaks some Library links. Instead, use the "Insert Stuff" button to add links to your D2L content.

Insert Stuff should be used in D2L to add links to Library content

  1. Click the Insert Stuff button
  2. Click Insert Link
  3. Paste URL (with into blank
  4. Click the Next button
  5. Type in what you want the linked text to read
  7. Click the Insert button


Embed individual videos in D2L from one of our streaming media subscriptions.

Our annual subscriptions to these packages allow unlimited streaming at no extra cost. Please use these first before considering Kanopy.

Heard of Kanopy? Free to viewers, Kanopy has been in the news a bit lately due to its cost for public and academic libraries. Even Harvard University has had to restrict its use.

The pricing model is this: when a user watches at least 30 seconds of a video, that counts as a "view". On the 4th "view" of the same video, the NEIU Libraries are charged at least $100 for a one-year license to that video.

The NEIU Libraries have offered unlimited, on-demand Kanopy for a few years, but due to increased usage and recent budget cuts, we can no longer support that model for recreational viewing. Instead, we are happy to purchase licenses to videos used in courses or in support of academic research. Here's how to make a request:

kanopy request form

When you get to this screen, please complete all fields, including your NEIU email address ( and a message about your video request. Will you be assigning it for a class? Does it support your research for a course? The more information you can provide, the more likely we are to be able to support the request. Please list the course and instructor, if relevant.  We can then follow up once the film is approved and provide the correct link for use in a syllabus or D2L.

If you know in advance you need a video only available on Kanopy, please provide as much lead time as you can for us to process the request. We will do our best to reply as soon as possible, often the same day (Monday-Friday).

Thank you for your understanding. We know how valuable this resource can be for course content.