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University Archives Guide

The University Archives preserves the historical records of NEIU and assists the NEIU community with research projects on those records.

Project Information


Sheltering in Place: NEIU Archives COVID-19 Documentation Project


Dear current Northeastern Illinois University students, 


COVID-19 has dramatically disrupted the lives of everyone in the NEIU community, and it has fundamentally changed the ways we learn, work, and interact with others.

How has the transition from in-person to online classes affected your NEIU education? In what ways has the pandemic altered your work, internship plans, or campus extracurricular activities? How are you sustaining your friendships and personal relationships while quarantined at home?

The University Archives intends to document the impact of COVID-19 on current Northeastern Illinois University students. To do so we are soliciting journal entries, artwork, photos, and audio/video files; all genres may be submitted, but you must be the sole creator (or creators) of the donated work. Submissions should be in PDF, JPG, MP3, or MP4 formats and not exceed 100 MB. Materials should document remote learning (and work, if applicable), social distancing, recreation, and daily life under quarantine. We will not accept medical records or official student records. 

The University Archives reserves the right to refuse any donations and cannot return any unused submitted materials. Submissions that are duplicative, do not meet requirements, or inappropriate will not be accepted. Submissions that are accepted will be made publicly available to researchers at a future date as a digital collection. Once accepted, your submissions will become part of the collections of the Northeastern Illinois University Archives.  

Please use this form to submit your materials.

If you have any questions regarding this project, please contact Hanna Ahn at or Fritz Eifrig at


Thank you.