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Psychology & Gerontology Research Guide

Guide to Library Resources in Psychology and Gerontology

Popular Magazine Articles on Psychology

For media articles, browse popular news websites like CNN or MSNBC, or search for a Psychology Today article following the steps below.

Search tips:

  • Click on Academic Search Complete.
  • When the database opens, click on Publications in the upper left corner.
  • In the search bar above the word Alphabetical, type in Psychology Today, then click Browse
  • Click on the blue link for Psychology Today in the search results
  • Above the publication details that appear next, click on Search within this publication
  • Next to JN "Psychology Today" type in the word AND and then type in your search terms

Find Your Scientific Article

When trying to identify the scientific article your popular article is referring to, look for these clues in your popular article: 

  • "In recent studies conducted by..." or "According to research done by..."
  • Does the writer of the popular article refer to any people by name? 
  • In what year was the popular article published? It will be very close to the year that the scientific article was published.

Once you've identified your scientific article information, search for it in the PsycINFO database.

Find the Full Text of an Article

This button provides direct links from the NEIU Libraries' databases to online full-text articles, when available. If the full text of an article is not available online, request a copy of the article through WorldShare interlibrary loan.

Or search for a specific journal by Title or ISSN.

Cite Sources in APA

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