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Psychology & Gerontology Research Guide

Guide to Library Resources in Psychology and Gerontology

Selected Bibliography (Books on the History of Psychology)

PsycINFO - Search for Journal Articles and More

PsycINFO provides citations to primary research dating back to 1806, as well as citations to books and dissertations. It also provides a feature to display "citing articles" which can be helpful when researching historical trends and perspectives.
Looking for ideas for your paper?

  • Try searching "history" and another keyword related to your topic in Basic Search.
  • Try searching "history" in Advanced Search and combining results with another PsycINFO Subject Heading related to your topic.
  • Find a seminal article and review the papers that cited it.

Recommended Journals for History of Psychology

The first two journals are conveniently searchable full text via the publishers' websites. The last two journals listed can be browsed by issue in PsycINFO.

History of Psychology Links

Online Reference Resources on the History of Psychology

Google Books

Public domain history of psychology books (Google Books)

Milgram Experiment - Original Footage

Compliance (Film) - A Classic Psychology Experiment Reexamined

New York Times review of Compliance
Courier-Journal newspaper article desribes the event upon which the film is based.

Find the Full Text of an Article

This button provides direct links from the NEIU Libraries' databases to online full-text articles, when available. If the full text of an article is not available online, request a copy of the article through WorldShare interlibrary loan.

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